My name is Nina and I am founder of ANINA – Aspire Institute

Goal Digger

Lets do this – Sharing is Caring

Every since I can remember I have had a deep wish to help people, all types of people – in all types of situations, navigating life and the challenges that sometimes bring. Creating hope, new chances, change, happiness, experiences and empowerment for individuals, families and communities.

Going through life myself, this deep wish, always stayed with me. However, I found myself navigating challenging times, at times desperate times. Trying to handle situations that I never expected or anticipated for myself or my children.

However, going through these years of tribulations has made me even more motivated and able to deeply understand, what challenges life sometimes bring. Wanting to bring the light of hope to other people facing their hard times and challenges in life. At this point this is no longer just a wish or dream – I have created a platform to realise this – together with you! and hopefully many, many people around Denmark.

So lets do this NOW – because sharing is caring! and together we can make a world of difference around Denmark.

All it takes is a min. of 40 kr a month
equals a …..

The more the merrier!

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